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  • Secure Base Leadership: From fear to trust

    Dr. Jeroen Seegers

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  • “Many top managers do not possess the required competencies”

    Jeroen Seegers

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  • “Quaestus helps organisations to make changes proactively”

    Gerard Ketelaar

  • “As a leadership team, are we strong enough to realise this ambition?”

    Jeroen Seegers

  • “Do you know the real story behind the LinkedIn profile?”

    Job de Visser

  • “Nobody is perfect but a team can be!”

    Gerard Ketelaar

  • “Are you aware of the risks of potential damage as a result of the wrong choice?”

    Job de Visser

  • Leadership is choosing the right direction, every day.




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Leadership can be defined as “realising meaningful outcomes, for and with people, on the basis of a vision”. The central challenge facing leaders is to create a bond with their team members, their colleagues and also with their clients. When there is no connection, there is no trust and respect either. If leaders can connect with others (peers, team members and clients) and with themselves, this will develop trust and room for more initiatives, more entrepreneurship and more decisiveness both at the board level and throughout the entire organisation.

It is our passion to build high-performance organisations through connecting, Secure Base Leadership!

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Quaestus Executive Leadership helps organisations to make changes proactively.
We do this by thoroughly immersing ourselves in the organisation and gaining a deep understanding of the company’s structure, as well as the Board Room Dynamics. Directly afterwards we approach those leaders, found & selected via our extensive network contacts and by using a unique multi-channel approach.  After installment, we carefully support them during their first period in their new environment (Onboarding). All of them are leaders with the ability to establish a safe Secure Base environment characterised by respect and trust, who are inspiring and can take an organisation to the next level. Quaestus is part of an international network, ( IMD International Search Group) and also conforms to the strict criteria of the AESC, Association of Executive Search Consultants.

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Quaestus Executive Leadership fulfils an intermediary role in filling top level management and director’s positions. We use a unique multi-channel approach, which …


It is not only the market developments, the competition, strategic choices or organisational changes that concern our clients, but also the important question: “As a leadership team, are we strong enough to …


The flexibilisation of the employment market results in a growing need for temporary senior managers for a specific project with a clear start and finish. Experienced managers who are used to quickly and carefully …

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Job de Visser

mr. Job de Visser

Managing Partner
Executive Search

Gerard Ketelaar

Gerard Ketelaar

Managing Partner
Executive Search

Jeroen Seegers

dr. Jeroen Seegers

Managing Partner
Leadership Consultancy