• Interim Solutions

The market is becoming more flexible, and this also applies to employment relationships. An ever-increasing part of the employment market consists of flexworkers. In recent years this number has grown from a fifth to a quarter of all workers. By 2020, this is expected to grow to a third. Higher level staff are following this pattern too. For many years, Quaestus has offered its clients temporary solutions. This might be for special projects, or in order to bridge a certain time period.

The market for Interim Management assignments has changed significantly in recent years. For a long time, Executive Interim Management was particularly associated with hiring temporary professionals. Today, an increasing number of organisations need to fill specific and complex projects on a flexible basis, deploying interim senior professionals who possess specific experience and knowledge and who have the ability to take the organisation to the next level in a specific professional field. This may involve financial restructuring, a temporary HR solution, positioning and branding issues and other specific change issues.

Quaestus is pleased to solve these temporary challenges for its clients by selecting the most suitable interim professional from its network. We carry out this process by using our extensive network of results-driven, multidisciplinary senior professionals.

For Interim Solutions, we follow the processes common to our other solutions: by placing the right person with our clients we create a Secure Base through which the new leader can effectively focus on renewal and achieve the desired results.