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Quaestus is an established name within the search market in the Netherlands. With their extensieve expertise and experience plus a healthy dose of Dutch common sense, the Quaestus specialists always bring together the best of both organisations and people. By identifying suitable candidates for Senior Management Search, Executive Search and Governance search, Quaestus offers growth for all parties involved. Quaestus does not believe in a standard approach: leadership is situational by definition. 

Senior Management Search

Since 2000, Quaestus focuses on higher management and director’s positions. What characterizes our approach is the omni-channel method, based on, among other factors, a personal approach, our in-depth knowledge of sectors, experienced research team, the use of social media, our highly effective way of advertising and the extensive database that we have established. A resume however does not always display a full reflection of a person. By asking the question behind the question, Quaestus creates impact: within organisations, for and with people. This way, Quaestus always brings together the best in organisations and people.

Executive Search

In recent years, thoughts about leadership have changed radically. Today’s leader increasingly makes the difference based on his or her ability to connect. New leadership is acknowledging that you can achieve more together than when you act alone. More than ever, personal growth and commercial successes are interconnected. And only through allowing space for personal growth, companies can make the leap from good to excellent. This type of leadership is the main success factor in for innovation in the 21st century.

Quaestus takes a critical approach towards thinking about leadership as experience shows that there is no golden success formula: each situation is unique. Therefore, Quaestus Partners and Consultants ask the question behind the question. This is how Quaestus establishes new combinations. The personal Executive Search method ensures successful fulfilling of assignments.

Governance Search

The 21st century requires new leadership. And we believe that this starts at supervisory level. And a new supervisory director must complement his or her colleagues and offer added value in light of the company’s ambitions. “Nobody’s perfect, but a team can be”. By establishing the right matches, Quaestus ensures professionalisation of Supervisory Boards and Boards of Commissioners. Quaestus possesses a powerful network which enables us to make successful professional combinations.