Quaestus is active within a wide range of industries. Our consultants all possess many years of experience and a proven track record in specific sectors through which we have built both a solid network and extensive sector-specific knowledge over the past 15 years. We have methods in place that allow us to easily obtain a good understanding of the specific issues and the Boardroom Dynamics and subsequently set up a unique selection procedures using the latest tools. Our services continue up to Onboarding, as after all: for Quaestus, it is the result that counts!


The Netherlands belong to the absolute top bracket of the world’s digital economies. There is no other place in the world where so many households have a PC, tablet or smartphone and with such an advanced mobile network. Furthermore, nearly all businesses are online and our internet services are the safest in the world. Big Data and the dramatically rising expenditure on cloud services, such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS are driving the total of ICT expenditure. The same applies to, for example, the gaming industry.

ICT will continue to play a major role in the future. Examples include 3D printing, which has created an industry of start-ups and suppliers in a short time frame, and “the internet of things”, where more and more devices can inter-communicate independently. Other examples are Big Data, the increasing levels of various information that can contribute to cost savings and turnover increase, and the advance of serious gaming.

Sector-wide, each Management Team is aware that our world is rapidly digitising. Despite being aware, many organisations experience difficulties when it comes to taking these transformations to the next level. This requires not only a strong vision and investment, but also an accelerated search for suitable leaders who can guide this change to a subsequent phase.

The Quaestus experts assists and advises your organisation, based on a clear vision on the total digital transformation and years of experience in the ICT sector, to find leaders who can set organisations in motion. Through a deep understanding of the various solutions available and the dynamics required to suitably guide this transformation process from start to finish, we have been able to successfully place many professionals. We place new leaders who know how to accelerate towards digital transformation; even in the most difficult positions.

We at Quaestus are moving forward “digitally” too, our participation in Harver demonstrates this for example.


In the Consumer area, we find ourselves in a time of great change. The ever-evolving cultural society, the immense technological developments and demographic factors all have great impact on the Retail landscape. We are entering a phase in which companies develop from cross-channel, via multi-channel to omni-channel. This phase is interlinked with changes in our society and consumer behaviour. There is a need for leaders with both vision and courage. Entrepreneurs with a good understanding of the market, for consumers and for clients. Professionals who understand and can reach the consumer through the mix of trusted channels, social media and E-commerce.

We aim to make a contribution to the required change by keeping a close eye on the market and the latest developments, and assist companies in their development into an organisation that is able to continuously change and adapt in a proactive manner. This requires a culture of experimenting and testing. Exploitation and exploration go hand in hand.

In addition to finding the right candidates for your organisation, we can also contribute to the development of the right culture through a number of programs developed by our business unit Leadership Consultancy.

Professional Services

Professional Services is a versatile market, dynamic and constantly evolving.  Consultancy agencies are primarily assessed on the basis of KPI’s and this requires different competencies and skills, both at individual and at team level. Good consultants must possess a combination of skills relating to content, commerce and project management, they must approach their work like a top-level sport. This means that sourcing these top professionals is not a simple task, as suitable consultants are scarce. The number of staff available will continue to decrease in the next ten years as a result of demographic changes. Professional Services companies will have difficulties finding talent and sourcing the best and brightest leaders.

Quaestus has always been able to place and guide those front leaders who have created value for our clients. For those proactive clients, open for change, we realise a secure base environment, where new leaders can achieve renewal.With and for medium-sized organisations, we collaborate based on customised solutions. We operate in a fast and accurate manner, even when it concerns extremely complex positions.


The world around us is rapidly changing. Our own country is continuously challenged in order to maintain an international competitive position. In additional there are major societal challenges: How do we stay healthy? How do we keep our ageing population vital? How can we make our mobility more sustainable and efficient? How can we meet the growing need for clean energy and healthy food? These challenges force us to act in a creative and effective manner.

Hightech companies operate in a dynamic industry, which is typified by ever-shorter innovation cycles, margins that are under pressure and complicated supply chains, pursued by global competition. Innovation is essential for the Netherlands, and yet within the Boardroom we do not always see the desired developments in this area. The characteristics of the Technology sector are specific, and largely determine the solutions to Executive Search requirements.

Technological advances and the complexity of systems necessitate well qualified employees as well as permanent education and training budgets.

At Quaestus we constantly keep ourselves up-to-date with recent developments, and we have a close connection with the Technology sector through cooperation with and participation in, among others, StartupBootcamp HighTechXL, the hightech accelerator in Europe. With its strong network of partner companies, which include Philips, NXP, EY and the High Tech Campus, this organisation can take your hightech business to the next level. By providing your organisation with the expertise of over 150 mentors, the growth of your business will be accelerated.

Quaestus is a knowledge partner of StartupBootcamp HighTechXL. Furthermore, it has close links with Brainport Eindhoven. Quaestus sources leaders who will take the organisation to the next level and with this, realise the ambitions of the business.

Quaestus itself undertakes entrepreneurial activities through its participation in Harver, a Big Data and pre-select solution at the meeting point of HR and Performance Matrix.


Trade & Industry in the Netherlands have always accounted for an important share in the gross national product. In recent years the popularity of the manufacturing industry has somewhat reduced, however, there is renewed attention for manufacturing, and various production lines are being brought back to the Netherlands. The production growth of the Dutch manufacturing industry in the past ten years exceeds that of most European countries. In 2014, the Dutch manufacturing industry is expected to grow by 3 %. Extra investments will, in the years to come, be particularly aimed at Research & Development and Sales, but investments in new machinery, training and recruiting of staff is also top priority.

Quaestus possesses specific expertise and an extensive network within the hightech industry. It is our ambition to place these new leaders within our clients companies who are going to make the difference. We know where to find these rare talents!