• Managing Partners

The Managing Partners of Quaestus are all highly experienced experts in the field of Executive Search and Leadership Consultancy.

They assist both clients and candidates to gain insight into the needs, the individual strengths and the team dynamics of the organisation. They do this through applying entrepreneurship and specific industry knowledge in order to establish a renewed structure for the organisation. Quaestus’ partners ask the question behind the question, they know the market and who are its desired professionals. They dare to question existing conventions in order to achieve actual change for you and your organisation.

mr. Job de Visser

Experienced Executive Search Expert in the Netherlands and Quaestus Partner…

Gerard Ketelaar

Senior Executive Search Professional in ICT and Professional Services, Quaestus Partner…

dr. Jeroen Seegers

Psychologist (NIP) and certified Management Consultant (CMC)…

Hans van Essen

Practice Leader Development, Managing Partner at Quaestus

mr. Job de Visser (1963)

Founder of Quaestus

Experienced Executive Search Expert in Retail & Industry and Partner within Quaestus. Job studied Tax Law in Leiden and commenced his career as a Tax Consultant at Coopers & Lybrand. Since then he gained over 20 years of experience in the field of Executive Recruitment.
Quaestus Executive Leadership was established in 2000 in the Netherlands and has grown to become a renowned and respected Executive Search agency in the country and abroad. Quaestus is proud to be member of the AESC, Association of Executive Search Consultants and is part of MD International Search Group, a global network of 40 Executive Search agencies that jointly operate in 25 countries.
In the past 15 years Job has established an outstanding track record and built up an extensive network in the Netherlands, successfully completing many assignments in Retail & Industry. Under his leadership, Quaestus has developed from a traditional Executive Search firm to a modern, integrated agency for Executive Search & Leadership Consultancy, with a wide range of outstanding companies among its clients.

Gerard Ketelaar (1958)

Executive Search Technology / ICT Sector Expert & Board Member IMD International Search Group

Over a period of more than 20 years Gerard has held several leading positions at, among others Philips, KPN Telecom, Sylvan Prometric and PiMedia. In the middle of the 1990′s he worked as the manager of the Business Unit Interactive Services of KPN Telecom where he became the driving force behind the introduction of leading telephone and chipcard concepts and innovative internet activities.
For the American enterprise Sylvan Prometric, the global market leader in the field of Computer Based Testing, he was responsible as EMEA Director for their new business activities in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
As Director of PiMedia, Gerard led the introduction of innovative HR instruments for performance measurement and competence management. Here, he also laid the foundation for the assessment activities.
Gerard developed his Executive Search skills at YER. With his passion and enthusiasm for ICT and technology he has built a strong professional network and he closely follows developments and innovations within the industry, which make him an inspiring sparring partner for clients. Given his background it is not surprising that Gerard, as a Managing Partner at Quaestus, is responsible for Professional Services, ICT and Technology.

dr. Jeroen Seegers (1953)

Top Executive Coach & Leadership Assessment & Development Expert

Psychologist (NIP) and certified Management Consultant (CMC), with over 35 years of business experience. Founder of Assessment Centra in the Netherlands. As an Executive Coach at the IMD Business School in Lausanne, he has advised the Boards of leading companies, such as Rabobank, Friesland Campina and DSM. Jeroen has developed leadership programs for, for example, UPC, Heineken and OCE and held leading positions with other globally renowned companies. Jeroen is a speaker and author on Leadership.
Recently, he has completed a PhD on the subject of ‘Leaders Learn’.

Leaders Learn by learning from their mistakes

“Paradoxically, many top managers do not possess the competencies they need to perform their work in an optimal manner. In addition, their personal characteristics often make it impossible for them to learn the required skills or seriously listen to feedback”. These sobering conclusions come from Leiders leren, the book about learning and leadership written by Jeroen Seegers.

ISBN: 9789023245568

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Hans van Essen (1964)

Practice Leader Development, Managing Partner bij Quaestus

Over a period of more than 30 years, Hans has been active in Human Resources. His main focus has been on recruitment, outplacement, assessment centers, consulting and career coaching. The past 25 years, he combined working as a consultant with managerial tasks. He managed teams consisting of 5 to 50 people over a period of 6 years, starting in 2005. He worked at Right Management as a Regional Director. Later on he started his own company TACD with a focus on coaching, training, and as an assessment consultant. He specializes in leveraging (personal) leadership. In 2016 he joined Quaestus Executive Leadership. As aPractice Leader in Development he is responsible for further development of people and organizations. In the past years he has obtained extensive knowledge of business (economical) processes as well as psychology. He combines this specialized knowledge during training and coaching sessions.