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Doing business is something you do together. Together does not always mean faster, but it will certainly take you further when it comes to realising your ambitions. Quaestus enjoys cooperating with organisations that are entrepreneurial, innovative and promote their professional field.

The world of Luke Recruitment
The world of Luke Recruitment

Luke Recruitment, Subsidiary

Luke recruits and selects professionals from the higher professional and academic education levels for permanent employment within top companies in various sectors. These sectors  include FMCG, Agrifood,Retail, High Tech, ICT, Industry and Professional Services.

Luke focuses on the “people that build our future”; passionate and decisive “Lukers” who work towards sustainable, successful organisations. Luke finds these professionals in the market, makes the connection and places them at a suitable clients. This is how Luke establishes the perfect match between the culture and the desired result of the client on the one hand, and the talent and the competencies of the professional on the other.

IMD International Search Group, Partner

Based on the increased market demand for international talent, in recent years Quaestus has positioned itself very strongly as one of the leading agencies within the global network of IMD International Search Group. This enables us to succesfully fulfil multi-country search assignments in an efficient and effective manner.

IMD International Search Group comprises of 40 search offices in 25 countries that cooperate in the areas of knowledge, client cases, search assignments and leadership development.

Gerard Ketelaar is very actively involved within IMD operations due to his position at the IMD Board of Directors.

Association of Executive Search Consultants, Member

The Association of Executive Search Consultants, AESC,  is the worldwide professional association for the retained Executive Search and Leadership Consultancy industry. The AESC promotes the highest standards in retained Executive Search and Leadership Consultancy through a by the industry recognised “Code of Ethics” and while confirming to “Professional Practice Guidelines”.

Quaestus stands for quality, and believes in the retained Executive Search approach. That is why we are a dedicated and active AESC Member. We operate on an exclusive basis, which means that we use all our expertise, data and assessment methods in order to source the most suitable person for the job in close cooperation with our client.

Sales Management Association, Partner

Since 1971, the Sales Management Association, SMA, is the professional organisation for Sales professionals at every level. At the time 5 companies put their heads together in order to professionalise Sales. The establishing companies of the SMA were Heineken, Nutricia, Nestlé, Douwe Egberts and Unilever. This means that the SMA has now been in existence for over 40 years and is one of the oldest professional associations in the Netherlands.

“The SMA is very pleased with the long-standing partnership with Quaestus. Within this partnership, Quaestus carries out the selection process of the “Commercial Director of the Year” election in an outstanding manner. Thanks to a very distinctive, thorough candidate selection process, Quaestus brings three top candidates to the stage during the Sales Event year after year.”

Coen Bos, Chairman at SMA

PiCompany, cooperation

PiCompany connects the ambitions of organisations with the performance of employees. Through implementation of high-quality e-HRM solutions in the areas of Performance Management, Leadership, Competence Development and (pre)selection, PiCompany realises visible and direct business results. People orientation combined with analysis that is measurable is at the heart of all their operations. PiCompany is a division of HRD consultancy agency GITP. Jointly, GITP and PiCompany offer a complete range of ‘High touch and High tech’ solutions for the Dutch HRD market.

Harver, participation

If an organisation has the wish to grow, its people need to grow. In connection with this, Talent Management is an important determining factor towards the success of the organisation. Harver combines expertise in HR, psychology, assessments, service design and digital innovation. The strength of Harver is that they look at people and organisations with a fresh eye. From this point of view Harver designs, builds and implements innovative and user-friendly Talent Management solutions, which assist both individuals and organisations in their growth.

StartupBootcamp HighTechXL, cooperation

Startupbootcamp HighTechXL is the high-tech accelerator in Europe, based in Eindhoven, the world’s leading region for innovation, with specialistic knowledge in more than 8 disruptive areas of technology. With a strong network of partners, such as Philips, NXP, EY and the High Tech Campus, Startupbootcamp HighTechXL is able to take your high-tech company to the next level. By providing your organisation with the expertise of over 150 mentors, the growth of your business will be accelerated.

Team Relocations, cooperation

Team Relocation specializes in global mobility solutions. They arrange services that range from Visa and Immigration, keeping you compliant as an employer, home and school finding, language training and moving household goods up to partner solutions. Team and Quaestus partner up when it comes to sending international staff abroad and ensure to work together to avoid asking you the same question twice.

“Self-awareness is the starting point of leadership” Bill George | professor of leadership | Harvard Business School

Motivation Factor’s assessments and programs provides awareness, insights and practical tools enabling you to take control and ownership of your own motivation. From recent brain research, we know that our motivation is rooted in our individual needs and talents. In personal change and development processes, it is absolutely essential to focus on what drives you towards the goal, and it is equally important to know what to avoid in order to stay top motivated. With this knowledge, you can work determined and focused with your motivation and willingness to adapt.

Motivation Factor is the perfect choice when you wish to bring motivation on top of the agenda – but also when you, as a manager, are facing challenges from underperforming teams, new project teams, interpersonal conflicts, working relationship issues, water cooler discussions, new manager issues, team dynamic issues, etc., motivation Factor’s assessments and 1-day programs can make a difference.