• Vision

Leadership can be defined as “realising meaningful things, for and with people, based on a vision”. The essence of the challenge leaders are facing is to make a connection with their team members, colleagues and clients.

It is the Passion of Quaestus to build high-performance organisations through connecting Secure Base Leadership!


These days great changes are taking place. Particularly in the area of leadership, the old Command & Control principle is no longer sufficient. Leadership is no longer about creating a culture based on fear in order to make people do what the management wants. Instead, it is about giving trust, which makes people want to give the best of themselves based on an intense intrinsic motivation, because they truly want to do so.

Leadership is about creating a Secure Base, with as key characteristics respect, trust and safety. When there is no connection, there is no trust and respect either. If leaders can connect with others (peers, team members and clients) and with themselves, this will develop trust and you will create space for more initiatives, more entrepreneurship and more decisiveness, both at Board Level and throughout the entire organisation.

Quaestus gains satisfaction from contributing to the development of a Secure Base. We do this by strengthening top teams with leaders who possess the ability to be a Secure Base for others. In addition, Quaestus has developed a program in order to assist companies to create a Secure Base within their organisation.

A Secure Base within an organisation is increasingly becoming a fundamental requirement for success. It is also a basic requirement for Strategic Agility, the ability and flexibility to identify and exploit opportunities for a lasting competitive advantage.

In a Secure Based organisation, employees strive towards a results-oriented culture through cooperation, taking each other’s talents as a starting point. It is possible, especially in a culture of respect, to discuss results together as it does not induce a sense of fear. In general, fear stifles while trust creates space, reduces pressure and produces more energy to realise the ambitions of the organisation.


The Quaestus approach can be distinguished from the approach of other Executive Search agencies by using our multi-method process.

  • Analysis of the suitable leadership approach and competencies that are in line with the strategic choices of the organisation. For this purpose we use the Critical Incidents technique, a proven method that clearly analyses which leadership competencies are relevant to the organisation now and in the future;
  • Conducting in-depth interviews to obtain a clear picture of the present competencies and talents;
  • Broadening the diagnosis through performance data and 360 degree feedback, psychometric tests, supplemented with practical simulations and video feedback to obtain a clear image of the required behaviour;
  • Benchmarking the findings against the external market, both nationally and internationally;
  • Reports that provide insight into the qualities of the candidates, their strengths, areas for attention and potential future development;
  • Identifying risks in regard to derailment.