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Executive Search

Quaestus finds and mediates the best and most secure base leaders available. The key to our success? Our people-oriented and data-driven approach.


Our approach

More information

Q Magazine: Executive Search

Interested in learning more about the Quaestus Integrated Executive Search approach? Download the (Dutch) executive search edition of the Q Magazine.

Whitepaper: Dobbelen of Selecteren

Want to know more about the Quaestus assessment approach? Then download our (Dutch) white paper "Dobbelen of Selecteren".

How can we help?

Are you about to expand your leadership team or looking for a replacement? The idea alone calls for multiple challenges and possible risks to cope with. So, how do you convert them into opportunities? Quaestus knows all about board dynamics and their complexity. Add the ability to navigate through the ever-changing world we are living in, the knowledge of what it asks from leaders and organizations, and the tools to support them and strengthen their leadership. Contact our office, we would love to hear from you!

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