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Beyond a good conversation

We are here for clients and candidates who want to stretch further and be future fit. We are here for organizations who understand that these days, strengthening their top-level staff in a sustainable way cannot be done by simply looking through a CV and having a good conversation. Globalization and the complex challenges facing our world today require a different view of leadership and an innovative approach to finding and supporting current and future leaders. Our people-oriented approach, wide knowledge base, and experience together with our technological drive (and our position ahead of the field) go hand in hand here. Our people-oriented approach, wide knowledge base, technological drive, position ahead of the field, and overall experience go hand in hand here.

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Executive Search

Finding someone for a leadership role used to be based mainly on feeling, contacts, a CV and a good conversation. Nowadays we can do this in a far more sophisticated and effective way.

Using comprehensive market research, our industry expertise, and our integrated executive search model, we can define and measure the leadership required right from the start. This allows us to select people more quickly, more precisely, and more accurately even before we start any personal conversations. This saves time, which we make optimal use of to arrive at a fuller picture of candidates by using tests, live simulations, role plays, and in-depth conversations. A standard part of our procedure is the onboarding of the candidate within the organization throughout the first six months of a new position. The result is a much higher chance of a successful and sustainable outcome. 

Download the Q Magazine Executive Search [Dutch version]

Leadership Development

Secure Base Leadership: for anyone who is ready for a new type of leadership. This is the best answer to the constantly changing and complex world we are living in and the onward rush of digital transformation. It is the best foundation for creating a high-performance culture. 

Working from a Secure Base Leadership approach, we focus on strengthening leadership. This focus is woven into our services in innovative ways, including into our open learning, in-company training, personal coaching, and game-style leadership team effectiveness & development programs as well as our C-level Reflection Circles. 

The effect of all this is that our leaders, by providing a sense of protection, giving a sense of comfort and offering a source of energy and inspiration to others (stakeholders, peers, staff members and clients), will dare to explore, take risks, and seek change. By doing so, you create trust and space for more initiative, more entrepreneurship, and more decisiveness - both within the boardroom and in the organization generally. Together you create the road and journey towards a high-performance organization. 


Watch this video: Together towards a high-performance organization 

Assessment Centers

Are you involved in selecting new leaders? In need of a more accurate picture of the available executive talent within your organization? Do you support leaders in a data-driven, more efficient and effective way with their performance and development so that they can be put in a position to exploit their full potential?  Are you simultaneously relieving and supporting both management and HR and getting a better grip on the budget available for this? Jeroen Seegers, one of the Managing Partners within Quaestus, is the founder of the assessment center approach in the Netherlands and is seen as the pre-eminent specialist in this field.  


Together with his team of top professionals, he is always seeking improvement and innovation so as to give organizations the best possible guidance to improve the selection of talent, to achieve the right match between values and culture, to continuously develop and strengthen individuals' personal leadership skills and to address succession issues. The results of the Quaestus assessment centers include better insights, better dialogue, better development and strengthened leadership.  

Quaestus has at its disposal a revolutionary IT platform, the Leadership Readiness Platform, which can be deployed 24/7 all over the world for leadership metrics.  

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Download the whitepaper 'Dobbelen of Selecteren' [Dutch version]

Welcome to Quaestus

The Quaestus head office is in the Dutch city of Den Bosch (’s-Hertogenbosch). With its lively city center, exuberant networking culture and wide variety of businesses, it is the obvious place for us to serve our clients and candidates. Den Bosch is also at the interface between the Southern Netherlands and the Randstad coastal conurbation where we have our second office in Amsterdam. To find out more, feel free to contact us directly. Our team will be happy to speak to you in person and answer any questions you may have. If you would prefer us to take the initiative and get in touch with you, just leave us a message by using our contact form.