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Luke Recruitment Innovators

Subsidiary of Quaestus

We are proud of the success of Luke Recruitment. Since 2009, started in the deep of the recession, they have been a partner and an expert in customized recruitment and selection for permanent and interim jobs at the higher vocational and academic education levels with companies in a variety of industries. In the world of Luke Recruitment, a successful match begins with an inspiring meeting. This is the point of departure for every search for a new colleague. The aim is always the same: finding the most suitable match for a long future together.

 This is a human task, supplemented with smart technology, and that combination is a successful one. Luke helps clients find better talent by using its own very particular methodical selection. The personal way of working, the multi-channel approach, the industry focus, and broad assessment methods have proved themselves highly effective here. Luke Recruitment brings professionals and clients together with a strong focus on agriculture and food, retail, professional services, IT and innovation, logistics, and industry.

Luke's recruitment experts possess broad specialist knowledge and a strong network. From their offices in Den Bosch and Amsterdam, they can facilitate valuable connections between employers and candidates. To put it simply: the right person is in the right place. Those places are challenging mid-career posts with leading businesses throughout the Netherlands. 

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Sales Management Association

The Sales Management Association (SMA) has been the most important trade association for sales professionals at every level since 1971. Five companies put their heads together at the start to professionalize the area of sales. The companies who laid the foundations in setting up the SMA were Heineken, Nutricia, Nestlé, Douwe Egberts and Unilever. The SMA has now existed for nearly 50 years, making it one of the oldest professional associations in the Netherlands. 

‘The SMA has been very happy with its cooperation with Quaestus over the years. In this partnership, the Quaestus team does excellent work each year supporting the selection of the Commercial Manager Director of the Year. With their sound work on the process of candidate selection and the depth approach to this in terms of leadership, each year Quaestus takes three candidates to the podium at The Sales Event, representing the sales profession.' Eiso Bleeker, SMA Director.

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PiCompany matches the ambitions of organizations and the achievements of individuals. By implementing high-quality eHRM solutions in the fields of performance management, leadership, competency development, and selection/preselection, PiCompany achieves visible and immediate business results. A people-centered approach combined with measurability lies at the heart of its thinking. PiCompany forms part of the HRD consultancy GITP. Together, GITP and PiCompany offer a full range of ‘high touch and high-tech' solutions for the HRD market in the Netherlands. PiCompany is a trusted knowledge partner for Quaestus and shares our passion for innovation, optimizing the customer experience, and strengthening executive talent.

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Harver transforms the digital candidate selection process into an optimal experience for both recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. The data helps recruiters to match candidates to posts without allowing prejudices to play a role in decision-making. In addition, Harver offers pre-employment assessment software for recruitment at scale. 

In short, digital transformation for a fast, validated, and objective form of recruitment and talent selection with a high-quality, bias-free and sustainable result. 

Harver realizes that if an organization wishes to grow, it must allow its people to grow. Talent management is, therefore, a determining factor for the success of an organization. Harver brings together expertise in HR, psychology, assessments, service design, and digital innovation. 

Harver's strength lies in seeing people and organizations with fresh eyes. This allows it to design, build and implement innovative and user-friendly talent management solutions which help individuals and organizations to grow. 

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Motivation Factor

“Leadership starts with self-awareness” Professor Bill George | Harvard Business School

The Motivation Factor questionnaires and programs provide awareness, insights, and practical tools to enable you as an individual to take control and responsibility for your motivation. Based on recent brain research, we know that our motivation is rooted in our individual needs and talents. In personal change and development processes, it is imperative to focus your attention on what drives you to your goals and it is equally important to know what you should avoid remaining motivated. With this knowledge, you can work decisively and focus on your motivation and adaptability. The Motivation Factor is a perfect choice if you want to prioritize motivation.

But also, if you as a leader are confronted with challenges such as lagging results of your teams, starting (project) teams, interpersonal conflicts and unrest, walking discussions, new manager issues, team dynamics situations, etc. Motivation Factor's assessments and one-day programs can make all the difference.

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HighTechXL, a home for innovation

HighTechXL is driven to build high-performance teams of entrepreneurs and tech talents around the world's most advanced technologies so they can develop into rapidly growing, deep-tech organizations. This is from an open culture where diversity is stimulated and embraced based on the belief that diversity is crucial to the success of every start-up.

When a company outgrows the first phase, it is connected to the necessary investors and mentors to develop into viable, successful companies. HighTechXL has more than 150 mentors, the organization collaborates with multinationals in Europe and China, and has a strong network.

Operating from Eindhoven, the world's leading region for innovation, HighTechXL is the high-tech accelerator in Europe. With specialist knowledge in more than 8 disruptive technology areas, a strong network of innovation partners such as Philips, NXP, EY, and the High Tech Campus, the organization is able to take high-tech companies to the next level.

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Team Relocations

Team Relocations specializes in global mobility issues. This goes beyond the physical move. Team Relocations thinks along with applications for the necessary visa & immigration documents, helps in finding the right home and school. In short, Team Relocations takes care of it from start to finish when employees settle abroad. Our collaboration with Team Relocations enables us to offer an even better service to international mediation issues. Expats have been at the right place at Quaestus and Team Relocation.

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